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Sunday, November 13th, 2005
4:53 pm
When Avatar first started, I was just getting into Unfortunate Events. And with it...the Violet/Klaus ship. And before long, I was officially in an incest phase. But only brother/sister ships. Because, illogically, anything else squicked me. And when I saw the first episode of Avatar, I was like "XD it's a brother and a sister!" But I have since become hesitant to write it...until I saw that a couple of people at avatar_fans actually shipped Sokka/Katara (or Sokkatara. I love how all the ships in the Avatar fandom have names.)

Anyway, I had writer's block, but reaaallly wanted to do write something. And I couldn't continue my Zutara fic because, duh, I had writer's block (and still do, where that story is concerned). This started out as a sentence, and then became a drabble, and then I typed it in Word Pad and wasn't satisfied with the length and stopped it about five times before continuing again, so if the flow is choppy or the ending seems sudden, that's why.

Title: I can't really think of one. Help appreciated.
Rating: Oh, I'd say a good 17+
Warnings: INCEST, you morons.
Summary: Fluffy humor with a very little bit of angst. Lime flavored.

It should be an easy thing.Collapse )

I don't really want to put it on avatar_fans quite yet.

By the way, the aforementioned incest phase was over quite a while ago. *friends list sighs in relief* But who knows? It might start picking up again. I did just read Book the Twelfth of Unfortunate Events, after all.

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Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
6:08 am

--Add me, then Comment to be added.--

I make icons!! Here are some samples:

here are more!!Collapse )

I'm currently moving into my NEW journal, chikoli_. Just thought I'd letcha know.

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